Generosity is one of the attributes of servanthood. Christ the Servant has no rules or requirements on giving; if it's required, it's not really giving. At the same time, generous giving is a faithful response to all God has given us. Below are some tools and resources to help you get started.


To make a donation now, you can use the bill-pay option on your online banking site. This option is free and results in the full donation being available to the congregation.




Use the "Donate" button at the bottom of the page (or anywhere you see it on our site) to charge your credit/debit or PayPal account. PayPal deducts $0.49 + 1.99% of your donation for this service. If you would like to offset the transaction cost of your donation you can use the formula above or use the guide below:

Transaction fees for a $50 donation are $1.49

Transaction fees for a $100 donation are $2.48

Transaction fees for a $250 donation are $5.47

Transaction fees for a $500 donation are $10.44



Christ the Servant Lutheran Church is a 501c-3 nonprofit organization under the umbrella of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. Donations are tax-deductible as governed by current IRS tax code. An annual statement of giving will provided for recorded donations. To be recorded, cash donations should be placed in a pew envelope with your name and address or contributor account number. Checks should have a current address.  Find your Contributor Account Number.



For those who intend to contribute regularly, automated giving options may simplify giving. No more flipping through the check register to see if you already donated. No more catching up after a vacation. Using the free bill-pay option on most online banking sites provides an easy way to automate monthly giving. 



Ten percent of every gift to Christ the Servant Lutheran Church supports the larger ministries of the Northern Texas - Northern Louisiana Mission Area and the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. If you would like to support one of our sister Lutheran ministry organizations directly, we encourage you to use one of the links below.

ELCA Disaster Response

ELCA Malaria Campaign

ELCA World Hunger

Lutheran Campus Ministry - Denton

Lutheran World Relief